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Why Is It Important To Rank Well On Google?

An increase in traffic is the most obvious and tangible benefit that you will gain by having a higher ranking on Google. Apart from a higher ranking, there are a ton of benefits to be realized; read on to get an idea about the importance and benefits of making Google your best friend.

Quicker indexing by search engines

A high page ranking on Google results in super-fast indexing of your content. Faster indexing allows searchers to see your page quickly and traffic is directed to your site as soon as the page goes live. The second factor is updating frequency; regular updating increases rankings.

Lend authority and credibility to your site

Your website will be seen as an authoritative site and will get lots of organic back-links. Visitors will see you as a credible source of information in your niche and you will boost your PR.

More requests for guest posting

People will want to contribute to important websites, guest blogging proposals will double if your page jumps up a few ranks.

More Discussions and Comments

The more interesting and informative a site is, the more users will want to actively engage in discussion. Comment sections will come alive if your rankings increase.

The Official Google Guide to Top Rankings

So you understand the benefits…what now? Try to make it to the top rankings, of course. However, this is easily said than done. Search rankings are a wild jungle and you must have a few special skills and knowledge to climb to the top. The basics are explained below:

In order to make your site more “Google-friendly”, the search giant recommends that your site should be high-quality, highly shareable, and user-friendly. Google strives for a user-first approach and values access to information when it comes to ranking pages.

· Get intimately familiar with Google’s Search Policies.
· Follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines

The Top Google Search Ranking Factors

Google algorithms are complicated and complex, their search algorithm uses some 200 different factors to determine search ranks. We list the most important ones and some advice along with it.

1. Begin title tags with a keyword
2. High content length (500+ words)
3. Quick page loading (check using the PageSpeed Insights tool)
4. Use keywords in the page URLs, article beginnings and H2 tags.
5. High number of inbound links
6. Link relevancy to content
7. Dwell time of users
8. Google prefers a responsive design to a separate mobile site
9. Robust and original content

If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to rank well on Google. However, this is something easier than done. This is why you need professional help, which is right here. Get in touch with us today and let us improve your site’s ranking.

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